Although AI(Artificial Intelligence) create AI in the near future and human beings are boring at their life, the baby must be blessed by the Fruit of Life during her lifetime

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제목(Title): 인공지능이 인공지능을 만든다(AI create AI)

크기(size): 아크릴 전용지(400mm x 500mm)

재료(materials): 잉크(ink), 잉크펜(ink pen)

2017년 1월 27일 김곧글(Kim Godgul)

이미지 크기 width 1200px (Download & Look)

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부분 사진 (Partial)

왼쪽 위 Left Up

왼쪽 아래 Left Down

오른쪽 위 Right Up

오른쪽 아래 Right Down


Running Up Baby

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